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Ongoing Projects

Physiological signal recording while crossing a variably busy street

The project purpose is to analyse a subject physiological signal in a stressing environment, thus the experiment takes place on a two-way transit street (not controlled by traffic lights).

The experimental protocol its repeated for 4 trials and is described in the following:

  • 1 minute baseline recording;
  • the volunteer walks safely back and forth om the side walk for 30 + 30 meters;
  • a resting time is given to the volunteer;
  • 1 minute baseline recording;
  • the volunteer crosses the street two times to return to the starting point;
  • a resting time is given to the volunteer.

The data recorded through Shimmer3 EMG and Shimmer3 GSR+ ( are: electromyographic (EMG) signal, galvanic skin response (GSR) signal, temperature, blood pressure, inertial signals.

The devices are reported in the figures on the left side, with the volunteer's permission.

GSR device EMG device

Physiological signal recording while listening to an audio playlist

The project purpose is to analyse if there is a difference in a subject physiological response while he/she is listening to a heterogeneous audio playlist. This playlist is composed by tracks labelled as stressful or relaxing.

The experimental protocol is described in the following:

  • 7 stressful and 7 relaxing audio tracks are randomly selected from a playlist;
  • 150 seconds baseline recording;
  • the volunteer listen to a 60 seconds track;
  • 15 seconds are given to the volunteer to judge the track as stressful or relaxing.

The last two points are repeated for all the selected tracks.

The data recorded through Shimmer3 GSR+ ( are: heart rate and GSR.

Electroencephalographic recoding through a dry-electrode wearable device

The project purpose is to analyse the subjective response of volunteers exposed to a heterogeneous experimental paradigm through means of electroencephalography.
The data are collected through the Unicorn Hybrid Black (g.tec medical engineering GmbH) using it with dry electrodes to assess the possibility of having more comfortable devices for electroencephalographic signal recording.

Concluded Projects

Master Thesis

Degree in Computer Science

Degree in Theory and Technology of Communication

  • Didattica accessibile: sviluppo di un'interfaccia web per educare e sensibilizzare i bambini sul tema della sostenibilità, Maria Rachele De Battista.
  • Clustering di brani musicali non supervisionato: raggruppamenti per emozione suscitata e genere musicale, Thomas Bellardone.
  • The MAMI project - designing web architecture to disclose the problem of online misogyny, Sofia Bellotti.
  • La distanza sociale nell'epoca del COVID-19: un esperimento in ambiente digitale, Andrea D'Amato.
  • Picture-in-picture e voice-over: uno studio sperimentale su due tipologie di DaD a confronto durante l'emergenza da COVID-19, Alessandro Di Crescenzo.
  • Affective Computing e Marketing: il ruolo delle emozioni nella pubblicità italiana ai tempi del Covid-19, Monica Ayman Boctor Mikhail.
  • Positive Affective Computing: studio di un approccio ecologico alla dislessia, Roberta Maria Randazzo.
  • Podcast marketing e nostalgia mediale, uno studio di caso sul podcast "Compact Disk", Francesco Vasques.

Undergraduate Thesis

Degree in Computer Science

  • Riconoscimento delle emozioni dal parlato basato sul genere, Mattia Rigolli.

Other Degrees